Jack Wheldon

Jack Wheldon
Jack Wheldon

Princess Hester 2-6-

Princess Hester 2-6-0T

2 " Princess Hester " 2-6-0T  Bought from Archangel 1976 as a standard modified "Brick" type 0-4-0T "The Princess" with a single cylinder, slip eccentric reverse and a meths-fired pot boiler. Renamed "Princess Hester" in 1976 and transferred from the AlderbrookValley railway in 1980. Rebuilt Wheldon/Pinniger 1986/7 as a two cylinder 2-6-0T with Wheldon/Tayleur reversing valve gear and a porcupine boiler. Engine caught fire in late 2009 and was repainted and back in service in 2010.

4  " Lupin " 0-4-0T  Built in 1981 by Jack Wheldon as a standard Wheldon “Pooter” with cylinders reversed by slip eccentrics. The engine was the "black sheep" of the Pooters and suffered various trials and failures and was never sold. After an extensive rebuild by Jack with bigger cylinders and a smaller capacity porcupine boiler in early 1988, it was a much more successful engine. Given to the AVR when Jack died later that year.

Charles Pooter class

Charles Pooter class 0-4-0T

Three of Jack Wheldon's "Charles Pooter" class. All 2 cylinder meths fired pot boilers, but all different. "Lupin" was Jack's own engine with slip eccentric valve gear. Green "James Muldoon" [in the centre] and blue "William Wilberforce" were both built in 1983 with reversing Wheldon/Tayleur valve gear driven off the back crank