Mike Gaskin

Mike Gaskin
Mike Gaskin

Darjeeling C Class 4

Darjeeling C Class 4-6-2

19 " Siliguri " 4-6-2   A coal-fired Darjeeling C class North British pacific built in 1992 by Mike Gaskin with axle pump, Roundhouse cylinders and outside slip cranks. Out of service for some years until 2012 then overhauled with new handpump, blastpipe nozzle and axlepump.

Tralee and Dingle Hu

Tralee and Dingle Hunslet 2-6-0T

1T Tralee and Dingle 2-6-0T  A T & D Hunslet built by Mike Gaskin 15mm/ft to run on 32mm gauge for David Rowlands in 1988/9. A meths fired pot-boiler with two Roundhouse cylinders and Gaskin outside slip cranks. Problems with running resulted in transfer to the Ambledown Valley Railway in 1991. New slide valves cured the problem and the loco was permanently transferred to the AVR . Rebuilt to correct 45mm gauge by Mike Gaskin in 1998.

Wiscassett Baldwin 2

Wiscassett Baldwin 2-6-2

B & B RR No 1 2-6-2  A tender engine based on the Baldwin prairie owned by the 2ft gauge Wiscassett, Waterville and Farmington Railroad. Coal-fired with outside slip crank reverse and fitted with axle pump and displacement lubricator. Built by Mike Gaskin and delivered in September 1990. Lettered for the Burnham and Berkshire Railroad and modified axle pump fitted in 1991. Out of use for som eyears and then transferred to the Vale of Evermore Ralway in 2011 and overhauled by Luke and Keith Skillicorn who have transformed the engine into a great runner.