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Quality Locomotive Box Medium XL

Quality Locomotive Box Medium XL

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Quality Locomotive Boxes available in 4 sizes, Small Medium Medium XL and Large. These are handmade to a high standard by a local carpenter and have 4 x high quality sprung catches and leather handles and come with Name Plate holders included. Each box comes with 4 x fire retardant foam inserts in the lid and 2 for the box sides. All bolts are flush with no protrusions and are stainless steel.

Special Features:

  • All Boxes come with bottom strips 1 x 32mm and 1 x 45mm which are interchangeable depending on your gauge.
  • All Boxes can have the lid inverted to allow your engine to cool before packing.
  • All Boxes are finished inside and out in Double Boiled Linseed Oil and then wax polished on the outside.
  • Boxes of the same size are stackable and lock into place.
  • Large Boxes include 2 x 6mm dividers and have seven grooves to give multiple options

Sizes Internal:

Please allow room for the foam and space required for handling

470mm x 140mm x 190mm

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