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Sound FX control for summerlands chuffers

Sound FX control for summerlands chuffers

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The FX control is a precision engineered cap to fit the top of the Chuffer resonator, which has a hole drilled in the cap. The FX Control has a large hole  and a small hole and by turning the control with a screwdriver you have three options:


Both holes closed: This is always selected for start up as it diverts all the oil and water condensate down. When this has cleared, the Chuffer behaves as normal and gives the maximum chuff.


Small hole open: This gives a softer edge to the chuff and is slightly higher pitched and quieter. It also enhances the steam effects by increasing the plume of steam.


Large hole open: This gives a much softer and quieter Chuff which will be only slightly louder than a standard exhaust (depending on the loco). The benefit is that you will get the maximum steam effect which will be perfect for Winter and low sun photography. It is also great for indoor running where some folk have been known to huff and puff about too much Chuff


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